Jane, the designer behind Amazing Jane Design, was born in Durban, South Africa. After receiving her degree in architecture from the University of Cape Town she moved to London. Jane worked on numerous projects throughout Europe, before relocating to New York. She completed a second architectural degree at Cooper Union and worked as an architect, mapmaker and illustrator.

In 2006 she moved with her family to Cape Town. On the foothills of Table Mountain, Jane worked on an important, but unrelated project, which has recently been completed. Finally she has time to dedicate to inspiration she nurtured for years, having a vision of creating styles which will take an observer into a fantasy world where line and form seamlessly compliment each other, generating an aesthetic balance that has rarely been achieved.

Unleashed, is her imagination’s propensity for infinite detail. Her work’s beauty lies in the pure intent of line itself, yet together they manifest into shapes which are stunningly beautiful, evocative of nature, architectural landscapes, or alien spaceships exploring their amazing, new surrounding motifs.

The key to Amazing Jane Design is that the designs are a synthesis of architectural drawing and magical invention. Jane’s approach never fails to transform client’s initiatives into eloquent solutions within the perimeters set by elegance and taste.